Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Kind of Exercise Equipment does Fitness Trainers Support the use of?

Ever wondered what comes hidden in the toolkit of your favourite fitness trainers Eastern Suburbs? Trainers are very scientific in their use and practice of equipment and generally recommend the use of minimalistic lightweight equipment. The basic principle is that equipment is always used as an aid and care is taken not to make the body too dependent on their usage.
Bodyweight equipment
Eastern Suburbs personal trainers actively use and support the usage of bodyweights. Weight training is one of the fastest way of burning fat and losing weight so using bodyweights like dumb bells, bars etc is a must. Having a pair of dumb bells at home will help you get a kick start on weight training. As long as you have some free space around you and an exercise mat, you are ready to go. Good trainers always advise their clients to strengthen their core muscles using bodyweights.

TRX equipment
Personal fitness trainers in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs will always have a suspension trainer in their back. The reason behind the popularity of TRX with top trainers is its low maintenance and highly versatile. The suspension trainer can be used in the gym, in the home or in the local park and a hundred other places. Trainers know that they can help their clients to work out well regardless of the location if they have TRX with them. This equipment can be attached to a tree, pole or playground equipment.
Kettlebell packs

Generally Eastern Suburbs fitness trainers will not advise their clients to become too dependent on equipment. However when a piece of equipment is as versatile and easy-to-use as kettlebells, trainers don’t hesitate to recommend it. With a couple of moves using kettlebells you can strengthen your body, increase your endurance capacity, improve the flexibility and enhance the power ratio. Kettlebells is a cardio staple and it can also act as an aid for improving power and strength.

Using sliders
Sliders are a kind of equipment that makes workouts more challenging and difficult. A good Eastern Suburbs personal trainer will recommend his/her clients on the usage of sliders when they have already achieved a certain level of fitness. Try doing reverse lunges after positioning your feet on a pair of sliders and you will understand the technique behind sliders.
Superband usage
Superbands are a staple part of the tool kit of all good personal trainers. These lightweight, inexpensive bands are so versatile that they can be used to achieve a number of different exercise objectives. Whether your goal is resistance training or flexibility, you will find the superbands to be equally useful.
Natural body weight
While equipment and aids are great for fast tracking workout progress most authentic Eastern Suburbs personal trainers discourage over dependence on heavy duty equipment. A good fitness trainer will tell you to develop your core strength by using your natural body weight as a prop. Squat, lunges, jumps, push-ups, pull ups all boost your power, strength and stamina without using any artificial aids.